Andrew Moss
Andrew Moss
Founder and CEO

Welcome to The Sport Academy.

Back in 2009 I stumbled on a website called Khan Academy and was introduced to what I believe to be the future of education, both in terms of traditional school systems, and those focused on professional development and self-directed education.

The mission of Khan Academy was quite inspiring “Our mission is to provide a free, world‑class education for anyone, anywhere.”.

At the time, I was tasked with revamping the coaching education system of a major sport organization in Canada, and was regularly asked to help out other sport organizations.  Every discussion seemed to lead to the same challenges:

  • consistency and quality of content delivery;
  • time and cost of in-person training;
  • lack of transfer of training to application

After a review of training practices, it was clear that we needed to find a solution that reduced the in-person time allocated to transfer of information, and increase the time practicing application of knowledge.

The Sport Academy was founded to help deliver that solution.

Our mission is to modernize the sport education system using technology.

Ultimately, just as Khan Academy recognized, the information is all available.  What technology can do is deliver that training in a more easily consumed way, and a way that ultimately is more effective for the learner (as opposed to a teacher focused approach found in most systems).

Our task is to provide technology solutions that allow learners to consume information more efficiently, and then use online and in-person training opportunities to practice the application of that information.

What makes The Sport Academy unique?   I’ve lived in the sport organization world, and I understand the financial and time challenges many organizations face.   Our role at The Sport Academy is to provide a partnership solution that allows you to serve your audience with a better education solution, without significant up front investment.

Sample Courses Developed by The Sport Academy 

  • AIr Aware – an online course developed in partnership with Clean Air Champions about air quality, respiratory health and allergies.
  • Ringette Canada – we’ve developed a number of courses for their membership; online level 1 officials course, shot clock operator course, and a media course for athletes,
  • Canadian Olympic Committee – a large project to establish an online training program for all athletes, coaches, support staff in the lead up to Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics.  All told, over 1000 athletes, coaches, and support staff accessed the online training to help prepare for the Games.
  • Masters Swimming Canada – an online course to build awareness of the specific issues related to coaching adult (“master”) aged athletes.
  • Canadian Paralympic Committee – an exciting project to help anyone who delivers physical activity programming with integration of person’s with a disability.  Over 1,000 teachers and grassroots practitioners are benefiting from this content.
  • Badminton Canada & Badminton World Federation – a partnership between the Canadian national sport federation and their international federation aimed at improving the quality of badminton instruction within the school system.  A great model for other sports or content experts looking to integrate into the school system.